Hiring a Private Flight During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A few months ago, the landscape regarding flights, both commercial and private, was very different from what we know today.  Intrigue flooded the airports that were already empty.  Now, we and the conglomerate of companies in the aeronautical sector are happy to report that the reason why the terminals come alive little by little is … Continued

How is the cost of a private flight calculated?

Most of us have some notion of the difference between flying on a business jet and taking a trip using a commercial aircraft. We are talking about exclusivity, something that users of commercial aviation do not fully enjoy, transforming the private aviation sector into a dream for any traveler. However … How is the value … Continued

The Cheapest Private Jet in the World – Cirrus Vision SF50

It will seem a bit far-fetched to read “the cheapest private jet in the world – Cirrus Vision SF50 ” when we all clearly know the exclusivity of a business flight. Among this exclusivity we have: private terminals without waiting lines, disinfection before and after flying … In short, security at any time, one of … Continued

Hygiene on Private Flights.

For months, with the the coronavirus outbreak, many commercial airlines were forced to cancel all their flight lists and to safeguard each of their aircraft in the hangar until further notice. Currently, hundreds of them are ready to go again, with totally different measures, such as the use of a mask or disinfection before and … Continued

The Best Three Private Jets For Long-Haul Flights in 2020.

If your wish was ever to fly and feel at home at the same time, then long-range private jets may help make it happen.  That’s right, we are talking about the largest in executive aviation, those that can fly from distant Australia, to Argentina and even further without having to make stops to refuel. Were … Continued

ICON A5, Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft

On a daily basis, it is normal for ideas to flow through our minds; some are usually a bit crazy, and others with a slight fantastic touch.  However, with the advancement of technology, what appeared to be science fiction, or what used to be difficult to achieve, today may be a fact. The Icon A5 … Continued

FBO services during COVID-19 times for private flights

The days go by, the number of patients increases … But, the hope of returning to a prompt “normality” remains on its feet, always radiating the best energies before a totally unknown panorama for all of us.  These vibes have also invaded users in the world of aeronautics, where after months with canceled flights, hundreds … Continued