11 Things You Should Know About Private Aviation During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Before talking about the latest data in the world of executive aviation, we must be clear about what a private flight is. A charter flight is an exclusive air transport that offers a personalized service to a certain group of people, mostly small.

These types of services were mostly used for business reasons, as a place to meet or simply to enjoy a VIP experience. However, surprisingly, with the outbreak of a new type of coronavirus, the picture changed completely.

At first, an unknown virus; a microscopic particle with enormous capacities, sufficient to immobilize entire nations, some of them, partially or closed all routes on air, land, and sea.

This type of prevention left out an important detail, people who were away from home, either for jobs, business, vacations or studies, left these people outside their country in an almost global quarantine. For this reason, most governments have allowed repatriation flights, including air ambulances and cargo flights.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has been the main reason for the cancellation of millions of commercial flights. According to Flight Radar, just a few planes took off in the last week of March, a 56% drop compared to previous years. But … What has happened to private aviation in the face of this situation? Has it also fallen?

This is where South American Jets claims that this is not the case requests for private flights have increased by 70% in the first quarter of 2020. Repatriation flights are the most demanded. Individuals, family groups, friends and even strangers have come together to find a solution for their return to their country. The support of consulates, ministries, and embassies has been crucial in obtaining flight permits.

The South American Jets team has worked tirelessly coordinating charter flights to assist the various citizens and return them safely home.

Do you want to know more? Take a look at these top 11 important facts for private aviation passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Each of the passengers enjoy numerous benefits, they have:

  1. Interiors of sanitized ground transportation vehicles before and after each pickup, including ground transfers between helicopters and airport terminals, as well as arrival transportation of aircraft and helicopters.
  2. A non-stop flight to your destination and you will not be limited by airline schedules.
  3. Use of private rooms that avoid having to walk in crowded terminals.
  4. Some aircraft like Gulfstream’s are equipped with high-efficiency particulate air filters to maintain a clean atmosphere during flight.
  5. Strict standards of deep cleaning before and after each flight guarantee a sanitized and virus-free space throughout the flight.
  6. A menu made for you to enjoy your trip.
  7. A feasibility study of the flight before the date, including arrival and departure premises.
  8. If you live or work near a smaller general aviation airport, you can get out of there and avoid the traffic that is often found out at large commercial airports.
  9. A wide variety of aircraft models to suit your needs.
  10. In an executive aircraft, your pet can be at your side enjoying the same comforts as you.
  11. A private flight provides total peace of mind by knowing who your travel companions are. The only people on board are those invited by the main passenger, which can help you to work with any interruptions or enjoy a smooth journey to your destination.

The doors are not closed completely, it is still possible for you to move, but we have to remind you that it has to be strictly necessary. To take care of your health and for each of your companions, we highly recommend taking private flights.

Likewise, we take the opportunity to inform you that in South American Jets we are still here for you, serving requests such as air ambulance service to the repatriation of passengers to their native country.

If you want to be aware of each of the news … As an aeronautical company is delighted to tell you more!

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