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While it’s been said “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” at North American Jets, we think it’s a little of both.

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If you still don’t know what the Burning Man Festival is, then this article is for you. We will tell you everything you need about this great festival and how to travel by private plane while maintaining your security and privacy. This year the Burning Man theme is called Waking Dreams, since after 3 years of not being able to hold the event due the Covid-19 situation, this theme represents waking up and recreating our dreams, living the dream, and connecting with them that we have always dreamed of.


Burning Man is a festival that has been going on for decades, it is one of the most striking, spectacular, and anticipated events, which takes place for a week in the Nevada desert, in a city created during the 7 days of the festival called Black Rock City (BRC).

This great party began in 1986, as a meeting between friends on a beach in San Francisco, California, to celebrate the summer solstice, since its inception it has been gaining more and more popularity and followers, so that in the decade of the 90, the festival venue had to be moved to the Nevada desert to accommodate more people.

For 7 days, fantastic and extraordinary musical expressions and artistic exhibitions are experienced, where an incredible plastic art parade is performed accompanied by select DJs and electronic music. At that time, an atmosphere of communion and brotherhood is created, where nature and the spirit of camaraderie, support, and self-sufficiency among all those who attend the event are attuned.

Currently, it is estimated that some 70,000 people attend the event, where they camp and live for a week and where at the end, a giant statue in the shape of a man-made of wood is burned, which gives the festival its name.


This event takes place every year 90 miles northeast of Reno, in the great Nevada desert, near what was once a lake. It is the perfect place to avoid all kinds of shops or brands associated with the modern world and to be able to connect with nature, other individuals, and with your inner «I».


Since we are talking about an event in the middle of the desert, keep in mind that desert weather can be unforgiving and unpredictable. The day can be too hot and the night too cold, and there can be rain or sand storms. The outfit for this type of event is undoubtedly the one with which you feel most comfortable and cool during the day, and warm at night. You should not forget good shoes that protect your feet from the heat of the sand, a hat, and sunglasses, protecting your eyes from the sun. In addition to the costumes that you can think of with the theme of the event.

It is not too much to wear scarves or face masks to cover your face in case of a sandstorm.



Tickets to attend the burning man are on sale from its official page where you can choose what type of ticket to buy since there are several types, which we will tell you about below.


The prices of tickets to the burning man this year 2022 range between USD 225 and USD 2,500 depending on the type of ticket. Here we tell you what are the costs of the different types of tickets.

  • FOMO sale: between USD $1,500 USD and USD $2,500. These tickets are for people who want to support Burning Man, the community, and also help other fans with less purchasing power to buy tickets at a lower cost.
  • Sale of Butlers: USD 475. These tickets are on sale for people who help the co-creation and construction of the BRC city.
  • Main sale: USD 575. It is the standard ticket price and is open to all those who want to attend the event.
  • Ticket assistance program: USD 225. This is where the help of those who bought FOMO tickets comes in. Thanks to these sales, Burning Man organizers can help fans who can prove they do not have enough income to buy the main ticket, to buy tickets at a lower cost and thus be able to participate in the great celebration.
  • OMG sale: USD 575. This last stage is for all those who could not purchase their tickets in the previous options, and sales registration will begin from July 27 to July 29.


If you have liked everything you have read about this festival and you feel encouraged, you should definitely go and live this experience at least once in your life.

You can fly from wherever you are to Reno-Tahoe International Airport, from where you can catch a bus that leaves from Reno or San Francisco and takes you directly to the center of BRC.

For the celebration of this event, what is known as the Black Rock City Municipal Airport is also created, with a landing strip that arises from nature itself, on what was previously a lake, since the land is more appropriate for landing some types of light jets and turboprops. This facilitates the arrival and departure journey to the city of Black Rock City, thus avoiding days of bus travel and long lines on the road.

Traveling on a private flight allows you to comfortably carry everything you may need for the duration of the event, you can also organize your trip with the people with whom you want to share this incredible experience.


The prices to go to Burning Man can vary from USD 5,500 to USD 50,000 depending on the departure airport and the place of arrival.

Departing from Las Vegas, for about 4 or 5 passengers, the private flight would start at USD 5,500.

If you are in San Francisco or Los Angeles, the price for 6 or 8 passengers would cost from USD 6,000.

But if what you are looking for something bigger, to go with a large group from 8 to 18 passengers, the prices start at USD 27,500, taking New York or Chicago as a departure point.

If you want to know the exact price to go to Burning Man 2022, we only need the departure city, the date you want to travel, and the number of passengers that would travel with. For North American Jets, it will be a pleasure to send you a quote and take you to enjoy Black Rock City.

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