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About Us

Who We Are

We are the result of the entrepreneurial spirit of our leader and founder Max Brog, who created North American Jets inspired by the most excellent brokers and operators of the world, adding to our company the touch of distinction of those who have the vocation for service.

Searching for the highest standards of quality and security, which turned us into the most prestigious broker and operator of Latin America as South American Jets. Now as North American Jets we are expanding our business group. In the last two decades, we have consolidated as one of the biggest brokers and private flight operators in the world of the aviation business.


Our mission is to guarantee the most distinguished and comfortable service for the most exigent clients. Being always a smart choice, which allows them to have control of their time, fulfill their most ambitious desires and achieve their personal and professional goals, flying in right hands aboard our exclusive private jets, under the most rigorous quality and security standards.

Beyond the establishment of a successful business, our main goal is to provide an excellent and personalized attention to each of our customers to connect with them, know its needs and help them to fulfill those requirements through our services.

‘’North American Jets is reliability, professionalism, and prestige’’.


Our commitment to our clients has led us to be the industry leaders. Today we believe in the future backed up by our experience and professionalism.
North American Jets seeks to consolidate itself as the sector’s number one company, assuming every day the challenge of bringing the best service, quality, and safety, establishing us as the company that its clients choose without hesitation. We work hard for those clients who prefer exclusivity, excellence, and quality in every area of their lives.”
We are ambitious and innovative, with our feet in the present and with an eye on the future because we love what we do and with dedication, always pampering our clients, who have been choosing us uninterruptedly for 24 years.