ICON A5, Amphibious Light Sport Aircraft

On a daily basis, it is normal for ideas to flow through our minds; some are usually a bit crazy, and others with a slight fantastic touch.  However, with the advancement of technology, what appeared to be science fiction, or what used to be difficult to achieve, today may be a fact.

The Icon A5 is a seaplane developed by Icon Aircraft, capable of landing both on land and in water.  One of its most outstanding characteristics is that it is super light, this because it is made of components not as heavy as carbon fiber.

Continuing with its specifications, this model has a capacity of 2 passengers, reaches speeds of up to 109 MPH (Miles per hour), and its maximum range is 457 NM (Nautical Miles). This aircraft has an emergency parachute so large that it is capable of supporting the weight of the aircraft and its crew.

Maybe you will ask yourself: “If it is able to circulate in water and air… So, should it take a long time to train?  Should I be an expert?” We answer you: You don’t have to be an expert to pilot it, in fact, it will only take around 20 hours to obtain a flight license and … Ta Dam!  Let’s fly!

Just imagine being with your partner in crime to the sound of the wind in this amphibian of aviation.  Without a doubt, combining ingredients such as art and science, results in a magnificent experience, unique in every way.

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