Hygiene on Private Flights.

For months, with the the coronavirus outbreak, many commercial airlines were forced to cancel all their flight lists and to safeguard each of their aircraft in the hangar until further notice. Currently, hundreds of them are ready to go again, with totally different measures, such as the use of a mask or disinfection before and after flying.  But … did you have any idea what hygiene was like on private flights and in commercial aviation?  If not … We will explain it to you!

Before giving this flashback, we must emphasize that cleaning in commercial aviation was less frequent and thorough than in private.  In fact, according to a BBC study, some airlines did not give cleaning until they had completed at least 500 flight hours https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20151004-how-to-clean-an-airliner

Quite a lot of hours considering that before, people got on and off them daily.  Additionally, such cleaning is not thorough, which means that they eliminate the waste left by passengers, and only few airlines wash the cabin and carry it out first class.  So, you can’t expect much from the economy class.

Deep cleaning and hygiene in private aircraft and commercial aircraft.

On the other hand, hygiene in private flights is maintained from the beginning with deep cleaning, and not superficial, eliminating any trace of dirt, another big difference between these two.  In fact, this used to vacuum the cabin, wash dishes, rinse surfaces and dry with clean cloths.

Today, hygiene in both sectors of aviation has changed.  Incorporating filters that purify the air in the airplane environments in the commercial sector, (something that was already common in the private sector) and disinfecting seats, covers, armrests and more.

Still, many people have opted for private flights.  Not only for exclusivity, but because the risk of contracting a virus on board is even lower.  For more information, you can check our article on FBO services during the times of Coronavirus

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