The Cheapest Private Jet in the World – Cirrus Vision SF50

It will seem a bit far-fetched to read «the cheapest private jet in the world – Cirrus Vision SF50 » when we all clearly know the exclusivity of a business flight.

Among this exclusivity we have: private terminals without waiting lines, disinfection before and after flying … In short, security at any time, one of the most valuable benefits today.  These are just a few characteristics, if you want to know them in depth, we invite you to read one of our articles where we emphasize the 11 things you should know about private aviation during the Covid -19 pandemic

Returning to the topic, all of these are also included in the Cirrus Vision SF50 aircraft.

Manufactured by the Cirrus Aircraft company, it is so far the cheapest business aircraft today.  Its price is between $ 2.38 and $ 2.75 million, much lower than the Honda Jet, another star model that has a very good value for money.

Now, let’s talk a little about this Cirrus Aircraft work.  The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a private jet a little different from the others and with peculiar features, such as the fact that it has included carbon fiber in its structure.  In addition, it highlights its versatility when piloting, being able to be handled by two or even a single pilot.  Incredible … don’t you think?

Wait, let’s stop here.  You may find it interesting that this model has just received a certification from the FAA that accredits it to land automatically, without human intervention.  It is extremely impressive, if you want to expand your knowledge, here we leave you the complete information.

Continuing with its specifications, it has an average speed of 305 knots, being able to travel about 1,150 miles at 354mph or 1,380 miles at 276mph.  Which means you can take non-stop trips over relatively short distances

In terms of its range, it has a maximum of 1,275 nautical miles.  And finally it can carry 7 passengers.  To be more specific;  5 adults and 2 children.

Here we leave you some photos of the interior, just look at it, it looks very elegant.

By the way … Did you have any idea that each seat has a USB input to connect your devices?  Look for yourself!

This aircraft has undoubtedly not only met many of the requirements of such a high Target, but also met them in an excellent way.

Another interesting fact about the Cirrus Vision SF50 is that it consumes less fuel compared to its competition in the market.

To conclude, its low price is easy to deduce, and the fact is that the simple fact of being single-engine and manufactured with carbon fiber already tells us a lot.

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