What to wear when traveling?

Our Recommendations when traveling

Usually, before a journey begins, we feel a certain kind of trepidation, a sense of wonder as we go through the rush in the airport, the check-ins and outs, the hour’s flight ahead. It is right there where we need our confidence to boost up, to feel smart and, why not, to dress for the occasion. What to wear when traveling site? Believe it or not, It is a serious matter. You can approach it from the celebrity’s point of view – with style; or face it with a safety and comfort attitude. However, the best way is to take every approach, made the best of it and keep the glamour.

Pants, Jeans, Leggings

Let it star with pants. No matter whether it is a short flight or a long one, you do not know what would happen. Be ready for delays, long queues, and unknown sit companions. Hence, pants should be comfortable, loose fitting. Get pants with expanded; it gives you freedom of movement. Another friendly garment is jeans, not tight. The boyfriend cut is a piece that many celebrities prefer when traveling. It is very versatile, and you can adapt it easily to a sophisticated look, with nice well-chosen pashminas. Michelle Williams, Alexa Chug and Elle Macpherson are some of the celebs that prefer to use the denim when traveling. The important thing is for you not to be physically restrained. Avoid fabrics that cut your flesh or limit your movements. In this case, leggings are good travel companions. Use them with a nice wide well cut top-tank, or a none-wrinkle white blouse. Ensemble them together with fashionable snickers and you can get a Hollywood´s glamour. Just browse Cameron Diaz traveling clothes when photographed. You see her wearing a nice animal print legging, some well-tailored jacket, and a chick hat.

Tops and Shirts

Tank tops, t-shirts, and blouses are our next important garments to talk. Wear a silk shirt or a cotton blouse, just make sure that the fabric is a free wrinkle material. We do not want to walk around like we just slept with our clothes. Nowadays, most of the basic urban clothes are made of spandex blend fabrics. These materials will keep their shape longer than a regular 100% cotton blouse. Besides, synthetic breathable materials wick away the moisture and dry quickly. Don´t forget the knit fabrics, are great for traveling, and they can be rolled up in your luggage. However, our point here is to keeps the style. Use one neutral color for the top tank or t-shirt, and layered up with a flowery printed scarf, or covered with a nice knit cardigan. Sunglasses and hats are excellent choices to accessorize the classic collared shirts. Moreover, if you travel to a cold country, the turtleneck will never let you down when maintaining a polish look.


Don´t out rule the dress. Indeed, dresses can be comfy and trendy to travel. Get a boho chic maxi dress and stroll the halls of duty-free stores with gracious flare. Alternatively, like Emma Roberts, get in and out with a summer sleeveless dress, nice ballet shoes, a cardigan tossed in your bag and sunglasses to match with. Oversize dresses or tunics, combined with leggings, can give you the maximum freedom need it, especially when traveling with husband and kids.

Shoes, Snickers, Boots

We just mentioned ballet shoes. Please, take a break and leave the heels at home. Shoes must be comfortable, non-slippery, and cute. There are many types to pick from the market: toe shoes, ballet dance shoes, snickers ornamented with flower prints or glittering beans. Wear a nice pair of pants with half calf boots, velvet finished material, and you will have the luster look to style your outfit. However, don’t forget, make sure that you can stand the airport hours and long walks with comfort and confident shoes.

Sweaters, Pashminas, Scarfs, and Cardigans

Now, we have stated, more than once, to layer up your outfit. We can play with fashionables looks using pashminas, boho´s wraps or nice oversize cardigans. Nonetheless, these accessories also help you to handle the climate ups and downs when flying or going in between airports. The sun might be bright outside, but in the airport, the chill is on. Khloe Kardashian in LAX airport, when traveling, wears a light cardigan, sweater wrapped around her waist, hat and glasses to upgrade the look. Victoria Beckham, a very posh celeb, use nice cut overcoats and enhanced it with a fashionable scarf.

Bags and Carry-Ons

You might prefer to keep close your mobile phone, passport, keys, gums, earphones, and magazines. Think about an efficient cross bag with a long strap that leaves your hands free to roll your carry-on. Alternatively, a fashionable wide bag where you can toss books, camera, or the light sweater you put on when it gets a bit cool. Once again, remember, airports are long walks. Choose a lightweight tote that helps you carry the rest of the things that you need to bring on the plane. If you need ideas, just glance at the many bloggers on the internet, like Chiara Ferragni that shows how to assemble a designer’s bag with your lightweight tote.

Dark Colors

Other considerations when traveling is to use dark colors. In case of long hours’ flight or more than one connecting planes between airports, neutral dark colors do not show the dirt as much. Especially if you are traveling with kids, who are prone to spill drinks. If you want to be safe, use neutral colors and pop them up with bright phosphorescent details accessories.

Next time you fly, have fun matching your outfit and look like a star.