Hiring a Private Flight During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A few months ago, the landscape regarding flights, both commercial and private, was very different from what we know today.  Intrigue flooded the airports that were already empty.  Now, we and the conglomerate of companies in the aeronautical sector are happy to report that the reason why the terminals come alive little by little is because of the desire to fly once more.

So, if you are one of those interested in flying again, you need to know everything about renting a private flight during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It should be noted that this new type of coronavirus not only changed our way of seeing things, it also transformed how we carry out various processes.  So currently, it is normal to see people disinfecting corridors as you pass through any terminal or proceeding with biosafety protocols.

Without further ado … Let’s get started!

With commercial flights mostly paralyzed and the scarcity of them, a service that was previously chosen for being «luxurious» was seen in great demand and not precisely because of its «luxuries».

We are talking about private flights, a fairly safe option in this situation.  Why is it safe?  Simple, because of its exclusivity, which means that you choose who fly with you, because of its constant cleaning protocols, the advantage of being able to adapt your schedules and other reasons that you will find in one of our previous articles.  www.northjets.com/Aeronews/

In fact, those who traveled for business used this means of transport.  But, with Thanksgiving approaching and the holidays coming up, it may no longer be for business and for leisure.

It is clear that despite the reopening of commercial flights, flying privately is still the best option regardless of the reason for the trip.

How much does it cost to rent a private jet during the pandemic?

Leasing a private jet during the pandemic is quite a useful draw.  Just knowing that you will not be in congested areas, and waiting times do not exist, is already a good sign.

The cost of having these benefits can vary, depending on factors such as: number of passengers, city of origin and city of destination, and dates.

Estimated price on a midsize aircraft from Los Angeles to Chicago can cost around $ 35,000

Have the rental prices for private flights changed?

According to information provided by our sales executives, the costs have not changed.

Apparently, in addition to the factors that determine how much it costs to rent an executive aircraft, the state of the economy of the country to fly also influences.

So these are just as changing as the other aspects taken into account when producing an estimate.

What permits are needed to charter a private flight during the pandemic?

The progressive opening of air borders has brought with it a series of new requirements in addition to those we already knew.

Moving on, these permits depend on the country.  For example, in the case of Colombia, they usually request a PCR test for Covid-19 about 96 hours before the trip.  In addition, on arrival at the airport and throughout the journey, the use of face masks must be mandatory.

This is in addition to what is usually handled;  visas, passports … among others.

Does the private flight company manage my permits?

That’s right, the agency or company in charge of making the transfer a reality, will be the one that will have each and every one of the crew’s data, including;  health tests, visas, and the other variables touched on in the previous point.

What safety measures must the crew and passengers take during the flight?

The operator, or in this case the owner of the aircraft, must disinfect each and every one of the aircraft spaces.

As for the crew, they must have passed a PCR test for Covid-19.  And finally, both passengers, crew members and even pilots, must wear their mask.

Once the transfer is complete, surfaces are usually cleaned using homologous disinfectants, with oxygen or ions and ultraviolet light.

This subject to the processes carried out by the operator.

What places can I travel to from the United States?

According to the IATA (International Air Transport Association), in the United States there are still a few restrictions for certain countries such as Brazil, China, France, Germany, Luxembourg, among others.

In short, flights are partially restricted.  However, you can leave as long as you complete a health form.

If you want to know more details about which countries you can fly to, go to the IATA website to find out https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/world.php

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