How is the cost of a private flight calculated?

Most of us have some notion of the difference between flying on a business jet and taking a trip using a commercial aircraft. We are talking about exclusivity, something that users of commercial aviation do not fully enjoy, transforming the private aviation sector into a dream for any traveler. However … How is the value of the enjoyment of these benefits calculated? How is the cost of a private flight calculated? In this opportunity, we will answer these questions.

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Variables that influence the price of a private jet flight

When calculating the cost of a private flight, various aspects are taken into account, which are those that will yield the final price of the journey, among the main ones:

  • City of origin (place of departure of the aircraft) and destination city (place you plan to arrive).
  • Number of passengers.
  • Date of the flight.

These three are the most basic. However, the following are usually taken into account:

  • FBO costs (fixed base operator and jet terminal manager).
  • Overnight costs: This means, if the plane must stay overnight in a non-owned base.
  • The estimated price per hour or per km / nautical mile.

It should be noted that the operator (in this case, who owns the aircraft) is who determines the price based on operating expenses such as fuel, maintenance of the ship, cost of the crew’s working hours, insurance necessary to operate, among others.

How many zeros can the price go when it is calculated based on hours?

You can expect amounts of $ 1,300 and $ 3,000 aboard a turboprop or a smaller jet, with a capacity of 4 to 6 passengers. Continuing with amounts of $ 4,000 and $ 8,000 we have the Midsize category jets, with capacity for up to 9 passengers. Lastly, between $ 8,600 and $ 13,000 for the largest private jets, which have space for up to 19 passengers.

Another point that is also relevant is the landing or the value of the landing; whose price is dependent on the airport. A curious fact about this is that going down in capitals is more expensive than at any other point.

All these variables are essential to answer our question. And if we take as a reference a route with high demand such as Miami – New York, we can easily find prices that are around $ 12,000 in small but very comfortable jets.

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